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The company was founded in 1979, strong strength, advanced equipment. It covers an area of 38000 square meters, construction area of 45000 square meters, staff 1285 people, professional and technical personnel more than 115 people, is one of China"s largest lock manufacturer, specialized in manufacturing series of locks, plastic bearings for all kinds of steel furniture, as well as the shelves, series injection molding, extrusion accessories and hardware accessories. Scientific management, leading technology. And has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system and SGS environmental protection certification, the products of the company long-term cooperation, and more than 1000 domestic and foreign well-known office furniture manufacturers series lock environmental requirements have been "home furnishing IKEA" recognition. 

At present the domestic well-known cooperative enterprise: Guangdong Kelon Group, Harbin Feiyun industrial, Tianjin Xingao, Ningbo Yongfa group, Ningbo Aipu industry, and won a good reputation. With rich production experience and excellent service, and grasp the fashion at home and abroad, the production of transgenic tongue lock, lock, door lock, archives management, class two grade three lock, lock, lock linkage management intensive frame lock, toolbox lock, not only the exquisite workmanship, elegant shape and appearance, by the vast number of users praise, the domestic market share as high as 42%. And exported to Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, the company also won the "The leading company to draff national standard of furniture locks industry,China"s outstanding enterprises lock until the title.

"First-class products, first-class service" is the hope of human purpose, "people-oriented science and technology" is the idea of Walter, we sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to visit and give guidance, to join hands in creating a better tomorrow.

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1979: "Wu Li Chun Hua Plastic & Hardware Factory" was established. At the beginning of its establishment, the factory was not large in scale, and its processing scope was the production of plastic and other hardware products.


1985: with six years development, the scale of the factory has been expanding. "Wu Li Chun Hua Plastic & Hardware Factory" was officially renamed as Cixi Wangtong Industrial Co., Ltd.


1996: The company began to introduce the research and development and production of locks, and focused on the fine and deep production of lock products.


In 2005, the company won the certificate of "China Excellent Lock Manufacturer" issued by China International Lock Industry Brand Annual Meeting, and was rated as China Excellent Hardware Brand in the same year.


In 2006, in order to highlight the company's positioning of lock products, "Cixi Wangtong Industrial Co., Ltd." was renamed as "Ningbo Wangtong lock Co., Ltd.".


2007: the company invested a lot of funds in the research and development of automation equipment, which improved the production efficiency and competitiveness of the company. It is the first year of automation reform of the company.


2008: the first mechanical combination lock was successfully developed and put into the market, and has been selling well for 10 years; since then, the company has developed more than 30 mechanical password locks, which are the main products of the company now.


In 2009: in order to better ensure the quality of products and provide customers with high-quality products, the company established its own electroplating workshop in Yuyao electroplating city.


2010: with the expansion of the company's scale, the original plant can no longer meet the needs of the business. The company relocated to a new plant.


2011: the company invested in Cixi rural commercial bank, the largest local bank in our city, and became the third largest shareholder.


In 2013, the company won the "Ningbo Patent Demonstration Enterprise" issued by Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau. Up to now, the company has nearly 200 patents.


2014: in order to further improve the production capacity, the company imported Japanese low speed wire cutting machine, EDM and machining center equipment, greatly improving the accuracy and quality of the mold.


2015: the "China National Standard of Furniture locks Industry" drafted by our company as the team leader passed the national acceptance and was officially implemented on October 1 of that year;In the same year, our company was awarded "Ningbo Enterprise Technology Engineering Center".


2016: the company cooperated with Shanghai Jiaotong University to fully introduce lean production, and the company's workshop management improved further.


2017: the company has invested in the R & D and production of electronic locks on a large scale, which has won the trust and recognition of the market. At the same time, we has established a special electronic business department.


In 2018, the company introduced SMT and independently developed and produced PCB, the core component of electronic lock;In the same year, it was awarded the certificate of "High Tech Enterprise" issued by Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau.


2019: the company reached a cooperation agreement with the Technical Engineering College of Lanzhou University of Technology to jointly establish a talent training base, providing a solid talent reserve for the sustainable development of our company.

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